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Cake Kit - Choose your favourite flavour!

Coconut & Raspberry - This cake kit is the one for coconut fanatics! Tart and juicy raspberries compliment the textural cake beautifully and the sachet of freeze-dried raspberry crumble allows you to add a true Caker touch.  This cake can be made vegan by using dairy free milk and oil instead of butter.

Flourless Dark Chocolate Pecan - This kit makes the most decadent chocolate cake. Ever! It's actually based on one of the recipes The Caker was founded on, which once sworn never to give away, but it was just too good not to share. The quality of the chocolate is the key, so inside the box you'll find the exact same chocolate still used to bake this cake in their bakery everyday. The pecans lightly toast while the cake bakes and add an incredible crunch. Naturally Gluten Free.

Matching Linen Aprons x2 - Choose a design

Matching Adult and Child size, choose your favourite design. Perfect for Parent and child or grandparent and grandchild who loves to bake together!

Santosa Foaming Handwash - Lavender + Grapefruit

Santosa's foaming handwash invites you to bring focus and thought to this part of your body, turning the simple daily task of washing your hands into a moment of self-care. Carefully selected therapeutic essential oils & natural ingredients, have been lovingly combined using traditional soap making techniques to create a luxurious foaming handwash.

Eco-Friendly Baking Measuring Spoon Set

Refine your measurements while baking with these gorgeous, environmentally friendly, wooden measuring spoons. A stylish and trendy kitchen utensil which will also look great just hanging in your kitchen when not in use.

Pink Iced Gingerbread Heart

A tasty treat from the heart.