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King of Hearts

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Gruff Wash

Goats milk & coconut, with a scent of lavendar, sage & bergamot

Linen Waffle Wash Cloth

Soft & luxurious, 100% linen, waffle wash cloth. Crafted in Europe with natural fibres by The Ottoman Collection. 

Jude Raffills Bottle Opener

NZ Native Rimu wood with a geniune NZ nail

Shortbread Bites

Made to an age old traditional Scottish recipe. Natural ingredients and the creamiest butter create these classic golden bites.

Chocolate Coco Cups

These luxuries Chocolate/Coco treats will transport you straight back to childhood. Topped with a delicious strawberry.

Gingerbread Iced Hearts

A delicious treat!

Black Pepper Peanuts

A great snack with good nutrition!